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My name is Haley Montgomery, and I am a singer-songwriter and worship leader born and raised in San Diego, CA. In my latest album, Confessions, I attempt to dive into the profound depths of honesty and lament over questions of doubt and tension felt on this side of heaven; and, in contrast, songs of hope and perspective that aim to bring freedom to the sojourner.

Since the release of Confessions in late November 2017, the album has manifested itself in other artistic expressions, which aim to herald the same process we all experience to some degree while diving into the practice of confession. This project has taken on the form of Docuseries, Devotional, and conversation-based Study Guide—exploring the biblical and theological themes behind the historical practice of confession in the Christian faith.

I am so excited to be able to offer these resources beyond the album both to the individual who is seeking hope in darkness and freedom in the light, as well as to the local church as we learn to do life together well. We hope all of this will bless and enrich your walk with Christ and your journey in living more honestly with yourself, God, and others!

In Christ,


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