Glimpsing Glory

We must bring glory to God, because all our hopes hang upon him. Psa 39:9. ‘My hope is in thee.’ And Psa 62:2. ‘My expectation is from him;’ I expect a kingdom from him. A child that is good-natured will honour his parent, by expecting all he needs from him. Psa 87:7. ‘All my springs are in thee.’ The silver springs of grace, and the golden springs of glory are in him.
— Thomas Watson, on the glory of God

To truly live is to glorify and enjoy God. At the core of it all, it’s so simple. This is a daily occurrence and delight. So what brings us into delight again and again? Recounting the Cross— “Why is Jesus good news? What makes the Gospel good news?”

In the most supernatural way, when we rehearse this individually and collectively, we are strengthened in our inner man. We are sustained. Christ comes to us and reassures us in the power of the Cross. Of His finished work. His glory shines upon us as a people who belong to Him. To behold the glory of the Lord is to bask in who He is. For now, we are beholding Him in a mirror, seeing a distorted image. Not yet perfectly, but soon and very soon our eyes will see Him completely. 

When we need clarity on who He is, when we’ve forgotten, we need only look at Jesus. “For when you have seen Me, you have seen my Father.” 

So for those who are in Christ Jesus, our hearts will surely grow in love and expectation. All of this is hinging on a Savior who has proven that He can not fail and He will not disappoint. The One who has the final say is a God who delights in mercy over justice—and His justice is flawless; an unwavering HOPE for the broken, downcast, the wounded and abused, the tormented, the orphaned, the cursed and redeemed. 

Jesus is King, and the Bride will reign with Him forever. 

What promise. What a hope. What a strange and unmatched love. What a privilege to get to approach and worship God, to have glimpsed these things.

DevotionalHaley Montgomery