Get It Back: Story & Lyrics


Enjoy the NEW RELEASE of my music video—Get It Back.

This song was birthed out of a season where I had experienced spiritual abuse in the church. As I began to wade through the waters of healing via counseling and therapy, an episode of sexual abuse surfaced from my past that I had suppressed for sometime. This song brought much healing to my soul, as I came to find God desired me and all my baggage in this place... all my reluctant and whimpering worship.

Get It Back

You were not who I thought you were
I'm not who I thought I was
I have hated you compared you to
All of the wishes and dreams that I wanted
Holding them over you
What a blinding and shameful view

Can we go back to innocent days
Will we ever know purity again
Can we go back to the beginning
When tears and a song was reason to sing
Is it possible to get that back
Tell me is it possible to get that back

You were my secret place
Nobody knew about but us
How the hell did the Devil get in
He broke through lock to rip me apart
I was naked and torn apart
In a moment it all was gone

You're not giving up
You will fight for me
Even when I can't sing it
There’s a song over me